Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You know you are 32 weeks pregnant when...

(Yes, these are all true stories)*The sweet four year old boy you babysit for says "whoa Katie your belly is getting really big like Santa Clause."*You are really cold at night but would rather stay cold then actually move your body to get under the covers.*Your precious baby has a favorite spot...your bladder, so even if you dont eat or drink anything you somehow manage to have to go to the bathroom all the time.*Putting your shoes on takes all your energy and if you actually get both of them on without tipping over or losing your balance you feel like you have accomplished all you need to for the day.*You run your car into a telephone poll--in a parking lot where there is one telephone poll, very few cars and you honestly have no idea how it happened.*You hesitate to dry your sweatpants, because even though they have a drawy string there is a good possibility they wont fit.*You start to outgrow your not your "skinny"clothes, the maternity clothes that you bought two months ago that you knew you would NEVER be big enough to fit into:)I look forward to adding more to this list very soon:)

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