Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5(ish) months old!

This little piece of deliciousness is 5(ish) months old! 
  • chilled out.  For the most part; you are super chill, go with the flow kinda little baby
  • you LOVE your brothers to play with you and love, love, love to be talked to, snuggled and loved on
  • you are overstimulated fairly easily. When this happens; you don't want anyone to touch/hold you; you want to go in your bed with your sound machine on and swaddled up with all the lights off and go to sleep.
  • you are not a morning person:)
  • you are rolling over (both ways) every once in a while
  • starting to reach for toys
Health Update
  • Saw your pediatric cardiologist yesterday.  Still have a tiny hole in your heart; but we just have to go get it checked in a year:)
  • 13 pounds.  27 inches....having some trouble gaining weight so we are going to start trying a few different things with nursing AND you get to try some oatmeal tonight for the first time.
We love, love, love you so much!  Corey, you are such a bright, happy place for our family:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My mom had a BIG birthday yesterday...she turned 5-0!  SO (and I realize this is just for her:) here are FIFTY reasons why she is awesome.  And I had to narrow it down.
First a pic of what me and the boys made her for the big day (thankfully they cant read; and for someone reason with two pairs of extra hands helping me, we only ended up with 48 suckers:)

  1. She loves Jesus.  So much.  And everyone that knows her, knows this.
  2. She is the best wife.  ever.
  3. She loves my boys.
  4. She gives great advice when I want it; and doesn't when I don't (most of the time:)
  5. She is funny; in a totally nerdy kinda way.
  6. I don't think she has ever said "no they can't come over."  This means in highschool when I would have half of the school over every night and now when we bring the basketball team with us.  Her door has always been open.
  7. She makes the best m & m cookies.
  8. When I was in college she sent the most awesome packages to me.  My friends would get SO excited when my name was on the package board.
  9. She's beautiful on the outside.
  10. I am pretty sure she has never missed a softball game, volleyball game, basketball game, play, cheerleading competition, etc. ever.
  11. She likes black coffee.
  12. With all my family has been through; she has been our constant.
  13. Everyone that has ever met her loves her.  seriously its true.
  14. She was in the room with me when Caden was born and the first to see Corey and Charlie after their births.
  15. All the nights she took care of Caden when he was a newborn and I couldn't.
  16. All the times she sat in the NICU with Corey and me.
  17. She is the best cook of anything.
  18. She has a calming presence.
  19. She is an incredible writer
  20. She is the most selfless person I know
  21. She loves Chris like he is her son.
  22. She gives of everything...time, money, resources, clothes, anything and everything
  23. She is a great daughter
  24. She is awesome at figuring out how to be a mimi, mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend. and teacher. and mother in law.
  25. She is encouraging.
  26. She love, love, loves my dad.
  27. She can laugh at herself
  28. You can call her anytime.  for anything.
  29. Her fashion/decorating sense has come a looonng way.
  30. She lives close to me.
  31. She has somehow perfected the transition from mom, to mentor, to best friend; but can also be all 3 to me at the same time.
  32. She never complains about the fact that they only have one car and she is at the total mercy of my dad to get to and from places:)
  33. She is a GREAT friend.
  34. She loves the beach.
  35. She always finds the positive in everything and every body (Which drives me crazy:)
  36. Now that I am a mom; I have SO much for awe and respect for how she raised us.
  37. She can sing.  Great.
  38. She let me go to the high school I really wanted to even though it was a big sacrifice.
  39. She watched me screw up a lot (still does) and loves me through it.
  40. She listens well.
  41. and without judgement.
  42. She is an excellent teacher/speaker
  43. She knows when I am losing it; and intervenes without me having to ask/tell her
  44. She texts:)
  45. She likes to house hunt and has passed this hobby on to me:)
  46. She knows how to make everyone feel special
  47. She can function on very little sleep.
  48. She has a great smile.
  49. She is fun to shop with.
  50. She is actually excited about her 50s!

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

The big boys. 

 The little boys.  (the top pic was not staged; it is what I found when I walked into the den:)
The look I got when I told him to look "tough" BTW those are his football shoulder pads:)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Peace in the Madness

Okay; so  In a great way; but it is definately a challenge balancing personal spiritual growth/discipline, work, mommy, wife, woman and any other roles that I can play on any given day.  SOOO here are some things I have learned over the past four and a half months that help me to find time for "me" and in the meantime keep me semi-sane:)  *I realize these are totally tailored to my life but I would LOVE to hear some things that help you:)

  • Get in the Word.  Not like sit down for an hour and journal and pray and just be still (although if you can do that everyday than WOOHOO!) but the realistic Jesus meets me where I am, sleep deprived, mom of 3 little ones gettin in the Word.  One way to do this that has really helped me is by having scripture written and taped up throughout my when I am getting ready, or doing dishes or whatever it's there right in front of me.
  • Along those same lines; pray without stopping.  Becoming a mom has amped up my prayer life in SO many ways; I pray about everything.  All the time...that my kids will take good naps, that I will have patience, that I will have discernment in how to train and discipline and teach, that someone will call me just when I need that phone call....and on and on and on.  It has become my total lifeline and really, I couldn't have a better one:)   
  • Drink Coffee:)         
  • Eat Healthy    
  • Try to focus on the blessings bc it is SO easy to focus on the hard.
  • Laugh with your kids                                              
At Least 3x a Week
  •  Sit down to eat lunch or dinner.  Like make a plate.  And sit down.  And eat.
  • Get "ready."  I think one of the easiest traps to fall into is this one.  Just wearing my sweats and t-shirts with my hair up and no make-up.  BUT I try to get "ready" (even if I have no where to go) at least 3-4 times a week; shower. fix hair. put make up on. wear real clothes.
  • Exercise.  This one is new for me.  I have started to run again.  Not because I like it or bc I am still trying to lose baby weight (which, I am times 3) but because it makes me feel better; it gives me more energy and it is "me" time
At Least Once a Month
  •  Go on a date.  With your husband.  Even if it is sitting at the coffee shop or going on a walk or whatever.  Just.go.
  • Go out with your girlfriends. 
At Least once every 6 months-a Year
  •  Read a book.  That is just for fun.
  • Go somewhere over night(S) with you husband.  Or your girlfriends.  Without kids.
The list will continue to grow I am sure but for now; this is enough.  What are some things you have learned to do that help you be a better momma, wife, friend, etc?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Day in the Life

I used to be SUCH a type A personality...I wanted to know not just the when, the where, how much, with who; but how all those details were going to come together.  I make lists for everything.  Mostly just so I can cross things off as they get done:)  I like my home to be in order, my car to be clean, my bills to be paid the second I get them in the mail.  I balance my check book all. the. time.  Am I stressing you out yet?!  Needless to say this flew out the window as we had more babies.  My life quickly got less out of my control and after baby #3 I pretty much went into survival mode.  I hate survival mode.  It's not fair to anyone...especially my boys.  SO I have very slowly been learning how to come out of survival mode and into the land of the living and thriving.  How?  My returning to my roots and making lists:)  (see the pics below).  This has really helped me to not be so overwhelmed and to just be more planned out with the day to day events.  BUT I am super flexible and I do not freak out (anymore) if the things on the list don't get done or if we don't stick to the schedule.  What do you do to help maintain your sanity?

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

As summer is slowly coming to an end here is our summer in pictures...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Going to the Beach Baby!

...or in this case babies!  With everything that has happened this summer we needed to get outta town...not just to anywhere though- I needed to go to the beach.  With Chris's schedule this summer I knew there was no way he could get away so I texted my girlfriend on a Thursday and said "you wanna go to the beach Sunday?"  and her reply back "I can go Monday."  And that was that.  Before we could chicken out:)  We loaded up our FIVE kids (all under the age of four) and headed to the beach.  In a minivan.  For a week.  With no husbands.  And did I mention FIVE kids UNDER four:)  Although it was anything but restful the kids were awesome, the girl time was SO needed and it's always such a blessing to be able to spend time with (and see my kids spend time with) my grandparents!  Here's the proof:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

So. Many. Things...

I stink at blogging but have committed to do at least one post a week  Mainly because I know I am not going to remember anything about life right now if I don't write it down and because I am pretty sure my children are going to think they didn't have a childhood since there is no record of it....sooooo we are just starting from scratch but here we go:
Meet the Team:
Caden Frank:
our super athletically inclined; mr. independant, fire cracker; who has his daddy's good looks and 100% his momma's personality. he loves fiercely and is the protector of his two younger brothers. he is a first-born to a "T" and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for him!  Things I want to remember about him at this stage: 
  • you remember everything!  and want to know details about all things (esp sports)
  • you want to dress up EXACTLY like whatever sport you are interested in for the day.  down to the last detail (baseball gloves in the back of your baseball pants, high socks like the basketball players, towel in the front of your pants like the quarterbacks...)
  • every morning you wake up and ask to watch Center Sports (aka Sportscenter)
  • you LOVE music.  Especially worship music.
  • you have a lot of questions about Jesus, God, baptism...
  • you are sleeping GREAT
  • you just started at Cornerstone Christian Academy for preschool 2 days a week and
  • you are the BEST big brother. ever.  

Charlie Vincent:
our lover of life, food and just about everything else!; always has a smile and is super laid back and easy going; he can brighten anyone's day. only 16 months apart he looks up to his big bro and always looks out for his little one. The Lord def. knew what he was doing in bringing this one into our family:)  Things I want to remember about him at this stage:
  • you have a very sweet personality
  • you are sometimes lovingly referred to as bam-bam
  • you are having a hard time with seperation anxiety right now
  • you love to pray
  • you love to snuggle
  • you just started PDO this week at Simpsonville
  • you love to ride your bike
  • you have the sweetest laugh

Corey Christopher:
the newest member of the team; he is a fighter. his birth story is def. one for the books. the 3rd boy he is our sweet little snuggle bug. loves to be loved and fits right in with the boys. God most def. has something amazing for his future.  Things I want to remember about him at this stage:
  • best. baby. ever
  • still wearing newborn clothes and size 1 diapers:)
  • making sweet baby noises
  • when you get overstimulated you want to be swaddled and covered up from head to toe
  • smiling
  • sleeping great at night
  • eating every 3-4 hours during the day

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basketball Diaries- lesson #1

Basketball season is about 7 months (give one or two months) SO (being the super creative person that I am:) the next 7 posts are going to be 7 lessons that I have learned over the course of our first season.

Lesson #1: I have got the best "village" of family and friends. Seriously. Now, I knew this before Chris was a head coach but the past 7 months has brought this to a whole new light. Our friends/family/church have constantly supported us. Not just by telling us they support us but truly showing us. I have friends who have kept Charlie for almost every game so that Caden and I could attend, a community group that blessed us with gift cards to Kroger/Wal-Mart because they know we have the **boys (when I refer to "the boys" I am talking about the basketball team:) over and they know how much high school boys eat, this same group of people (along with others from our church) came to many games and showed up at the regional tournament in such a way that people kept asking Chris and I who "all those people with the kids were," a Church that has welcomed the team with open arms, friends/family who can just read my mind and know that I absolutely cannot spend one more second by myself and come over and play. or take my kids. or clean my house. (seriously, those things all happened). I could go on and on and on about how awesome of a community we have! Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving us, not just with your words but with your actions.

**some pics of some of our "village" MANY who are not pictured

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


DISTRICT CHAMPS! ... notice the cute little boy in the bright blue jersey:)

I may give up blogging; between the lack of ideas for posts (and time to actually write the ones I do have) and my blogging schizophrenia; it may be best if I just go away from the blogging world for a little bit (but of course, still read all yours:) BUT that day is not today! Today; I want to blog on something that I want to have record of and remember...Chris's first season as a head coach. I, personally, have learned and grown a lot over the past 7 months (but that is a whole other post) today is about our family. Not our little family of 4 and a half; but the boys that have become a part of our family over the past year. One of my favorite things about Chris's job is the basketball players. I feel like they are just more boys in our family. We love them, cheer for them, encourage them, feed them, get frustrated with them--they have become such a part of our family that half way to the beach this year on our family vacation; Caden asked where they were and why they were not in the car with us. To watch Chris take hold of this opportunity that the Lord literally placed in his lap is incredible. To see him not only coach these guys about basketball, but teach them about what it means to be a man and what it looks like to be a dad and husband, and what it is like to love God and pray for them and guide them and get mad at them and hug them and love them; has been so humbling. For those of you who know a little bit about Chris's background you know that what "saved" him were: families that loved him and basketball; which ultimately God was able to use to bring Chris to love Him. So, tonight Collins will play in the Regional Finals...did you hear me?! The regional finals! As in, if they win tonight they will be going to the SWEET 16 and playing at Rupp Arena! Win or lose; this has been an amazing ride full of some crazy ups and downs, and as a coach and a family I know we could not have asked for a better first season:) Go Titans!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About a Boy!

The second Chris and I found out we were pregnant there was really no doubt in my mind it was going to be anouther boy. For real. I am not just saying that...every bone in my body thought it was going to be a boy. And last week; the doctor confirmed it...Gaither boy #3 is on his way! Chris wasn't so sure it was going to be a boy (and if we are being totally honest was hoping for a girl) his exact response was "I am happy it is a boy but sad it is not a girl." Fair enough. All I know is that we are counting our blessings. My heart breaks over and over again for our friends that struggle with infertility. When I found out we were pregnant "again" I almost felt bad telling people for the simple fact that is has been a HUGE blessing we have not experienced problems conceiving or throughout my pregnancies. So am I a little freaked out about having THREE kids? yep. Am I wondering how I will thrive (or just survive) having 3 that are 3 and under? No doubt! But I trust that God has some crazy awesome plans for all these boys in this family. Don't you think he will fit right in with "the boys?!"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sometimes faith doesn't make sense...but Jesus does.

I haven't blogged in I thought I was just going to quit all together since it's been so long; and I am so busy living life...I figured if something super "blog worthy" happens then I can pick back up again. And although there have been many incredible things happening since the last time I blogged (Christmas, Caden turned 3, we are pregnant with baby BOY #3, Chris is almost halfway through his first season as Collins head basketball coach, and seriously so much more) BUT nothing has even come close to what I am about to share (well maybe the BOY #3:) My hands are shaking even as I type because I cannot believe what I am about to share. (please refer to this post before continuing on). The last post is about praying for my dad. And you have been. We have been. constantly. for 7 years. Through everything my parents faith has been unwavering and no matter their circumstances they have chosen to say, through joy and anger and tears, "Blessed be Your name." I heard a message last week about James 1 and there is a quote from the pastor that really stuck with me "Faith does not always make sense, But Jesus does." That might make no sense to you and I am not totally sure about it either but that is what the Lord has chosen to stick with me for the past few weeks.

On Sunday I get a phone call from my dad. I didn't answer and immediately get a text from him that says "Call me ASAP." If you know my dad, you know that doesn't mean anything. It usually means he just wants to check on me and see how we are doing. Not this time. This time he answered with a different tone. The kind of tone that I have not heard in 7 years. "Katie, you are not going to believe what we are getting ready to go do....we are getting ready to go bowling!" Bowling?! The thought of my dad even being able to pick up and hold a bowling ball blew my mind, much less actually do the motions that are required. "Dad, how are you going to bowl?" and then he said it...."My back does not hurt at all." I cannot even believe that I wrote those words. But at the same time it just makes sense to believe. I, along with countless other people, have been praying and fasting and begging and believing for physical healing for my dad. So why would I be surprised that the Lord chose to bring that belief to reality on an ordinary Saturday. So, as of Saturday my dad has been pain free. Did you hear me...PAIN FREE!!!! I will not allow Satan to have a foothold and plant doubt in my mind. I will not share that I feel the need to text someone in my family every 5 minutes to see "if dad's still okay." or I am afraid that as soon as this blog "goes live" he will start hurting again. No, I will not. I will shout it from the rooftops and I will give Jesus, who is the ultimate Healer the praise he deserve. I believe. And I will continue to believe. and I will continue to say Blessed be your Name!

Sometimes faith doesn't make sense...but Jesus does.