Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We grow as he grows

i think this picture is so funny and at the same time a little creepy...maybe its the eyes, or the fact he looks like a little rag doll...either way i cant tell if it is cute or not but every time i look at it i laugh:)
**just a note--for those of you who know me i am a little OCD about having a clean apartment (no, i wasnt like this until i got married)...but it really even bothers me if our bed doesnt get made or the kitchen floor needs to be swept or there is clutter...well needless to say since Caden came I havent exactly been cleaning the house everyday and really it has been driving me crazy...okay now I can tell the story...
it has been said so many times, you grow up with a clueless first time mom that is becoming more and more true everyday and i feel like this morning he taught me a lesson. for those of you who know caden you know that he neer sleeps. really, i am not exaggerating. when we are home he sleeps maybe two hours a day, and not in a row. so this morning i decided he should take a nap in his crib, and to my amazement he actually fell asleep! about 30 minutes later i went up to check on him and of course as soon as i opened the door he woke up! I got him out and rocked him back to sleep, thinking of all the things i needed to do when i put him back down. (dust the downstairs, clean the bathrooms, make the bed, put away laundry, dust the upstairs, sweep the floors, you get it:) just when i was about to get up and lay him back in his crib i looked down at him and almost started to cry- at this point in my life there is nothing sweeter than the face of my sleeping baby and instead of putting him down i just sat with him and continued to rock him. at that moment it really hit me...sometimes there are just more important things then having a clean house. it may sound silly and i know it is simple, but as he grow i am growing.

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