Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Caden

I just wanted to write an update on what is going on with me and Caden so that you can pray for him and us as we have had a little bit of a "scare" the past couple of days. On Monday I went to the doctor for my regular weekly check up everything was okay, but Caden is breeched. So what I thought were his feet up in my ribs turn out to be his head. Because I am only 35 weeks pregnant they said there is a slight chance he will turn on his own, but with him being my first it is HIGHLY unlikely; which means I will probably have to have a c-section. That was okay with me but you know I started to worry about him a little because you just want everything to be perfect with him and want him to be where hes supposed to be and all that. Other than that Caden Frank is happy (maybe a little too happy in there:) and healthy!) Tuesday at 330 in the morning I wake up doubled over with cramps. These went on for about 25 minutes and once they subsided i convinced myself it hurt because i was stressed and worrying and she had checked my cervix earlier that day and i just needed to go to sleep. then a shorter episode happened at 830 then at 1145 they came and didnt go away. so i finally break down and call the doctor and let them know whats going on, the whole time saying...Im 22 its my first baby im sure im just paraniod....long story short that was not the case. I went in to the doctor and was 1.5 cm dialated....on Monday I had not been dialated at all and the cramps I was having were contractions 1-2 minutes apart. So, they gave me some medicine and monitored the contractions for an hour and nothing changed at all; the medicine didnt touch them. at this point my doctor was admitting me to the hospital and if I was 36 weeks pregnant I would have a baby right now! in the hospital they gave me a shot and monitored the contractions....nothing. so they did the same things again...nothing. then they put me on a IV drip and still I have now been in labor from 11:45- 10:30 with my contractions staying at 1-2 minutes apart. When the doctor came in she checked and I had not dialated anymore. there is more they would do to stop the contractions if i wasnt so far along but they didnt want to at this point so they sent me home with some medicine that will hopefully keep them under control and i am now on bedrest but they are hoping i last at least another week without going into labor again. i go back to the doctor tomorrow. please just keep caden in your prayers. I think that he just wants to come out for Christmas:) I am continually reminded that God is in control which is so much more comforting than putting my faith in doctors alone. I will keep everyone updated!

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