Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So in this new Sunday School class that I have talked about being such a blessing we have met some great people, including Billy and Sherri Stover. They were convinced that if we watched this show, LOST, we would soon be addicted like them. I never had any interest in the show because after all, how can a bunch of people that survived a plane crash that are now living on an island really make a good show?! Well, about four episodes and 3 and a half hours later, I was proved oh so wrong. So what have our past nights consisted of?! I wish I could tell Chris and I have sat at the dinner table enjoying a meal that I cooked up and having intimate conversation and enjoying bible study together (which we do actually do all those things)....not this week:) This week it has been "hey honey how was your day? sandwiches for dinner? ready to see what happens?" I dont know if this is our last attempt at freedom to watch what we want and stay up late together doing something that is completely worthless;) before Caden comes or what but honest to goodness we are addicted:)

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