Monday, April 27, 2009


Caden is four months old...I cannot believe it. He is so much fun right now and everyday it seems like he is doing something new. He is rolling over both ways, eating cereal, "talking" and so much more. He is really starting to want to explore everything and I am pretty certain he may start crawling before he is even sitting up by himself (help!). He love playing, reading, and LOVES being outside (although even at such a young age he already has allergies:( We are going to the doctor next week and I know I am going to be shocked at how big he has gotten in the past two months! The picture is of him after we got home from taking a walk...I know the hat is too small to buckle around all his chins but right now it's all we got:) The center picture is him and daddy playing and no joke he picked up the basketball on his own...were not bias, no way:)

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