Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here Goes Nothing

I have been inspired by a new friend to begin "blogging" about what is going on in the life of the Gaither's. I have always been big on journaling (and continue to be) but I hope this can be a way to share what is happening with us as well as maybe find a few laughs and encouragement from reading this. all my spare time I am now officially a "blogger."Where we are now: Chris and I have been married for over a year now (August 11, 2007), and it has truly been an amazing year! People had me so terrified about how hard the first year of marriage is that I was bracing for the worst, and honestly received the best. Maybe it is because we are so young or because we did not have a lot of "stuff" or because we truly did try to keep Christ and the center of our marriage, but the first year of marriage could not have been more of a blessing. I continue to think that I could not love Chris any more and every day I am proved wrong. Coming home to him is one of the most comforting things! Not only have we been married for over a year, but after 6 months of marriage we found out that we are pregnant!! I am 28 weeks pregnant with a little boy named Caden Frank:) I already love him so much and cannot wait for him to get here (well since nothing is ready for him and it is not time for him to come out I suppose I can wait a little longer:) He is due on January 4th so who knows...Christmas baby?? We are now living in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Chris is teaching Special Education at the high school (yes, it is a small town so when I refer to the high school it is the only high school in the town:) He is also the Freshman basketball coach and the assistant varsity coach! He is so good at his job and absolutely LOVES it. All the students already love him. He is also working on his Master's Degree and only has one year left! I am so proud of him. While waiting for Caden to come I am keeping very busy. I am working at Parents Day Out 2 days a week with ages 9 months to 1:) I am nannying for two boys, Alex and Will that are absolutely adorable and I am working at a chilren's consignment store as well as doing some babysitting! I actually graduated from UofL with a degree in Communications that I seriously doubt I will ever use, but I did get it:) (Even if it meant attending 3 colleges in 4 years).We are attending a church in Shelbyville right now that we are really enjoying. It has been one of the biggest blessings for us as a couple. There are about 20 young married couples in our Sunday School class and it has been so great hanging out with them and getting to know them! Plus I think we counted there are about 10 boys (either on theire way or already here) under the age of is so fun!!I guess that is all for today! I hope I did okay "blogging" for the first time:) I will try to post some pictures soon and write on a regular basis!

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