Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Perfect Day

I was filling out an application the other day and one of the questions on it was "describe your perfect day"...well this past Saturday was pretty close. When some of my friends found out I was pregnant with baby #2 they wanted to do a "sprinkle" for me (which is just a smaller version of a shower.) I was really hesistant because it the past 2 and a half years I have gotten married, then pretty much got pregnant right away...and the right away again so I was beginning to feel like people were "gifted out" for me:) you know what I mean?! Anyway, no was not an option for this group of girls (and thank goodness for that!) so we agreed to keep it very small and intimate and do a brunch. The only other people that were there other than the beautiful ladies that hosted it were my mom, sister, Liz and Amanda Cotton. We (well I cant speak for them) but I had the best time. It was a beautiful setup, the food was AMAZING (and so was the punch:) and the girl talk was even better. And even though it was called a sprinkle, I most definately felt showered with love, encouragement and baby "stuff." BUT that's not all I was also given a VERY generous gift card to Allure (a spa in Shelbyville) that is for me! Woohoo! Rachel, Sherri and Melissa you have no idea how much Saturday meant to me...thank you does not do it justice!

I know you are probably thinking that the day couldn't get any better but when I came home Chris, Caden and I took a trip to Target, grabbed dinner and went to see my family. It was the continuation and end to what, in my eyes, was a perfect day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

No Words

Two weeks (from yesterday, actually) we will be welcoming baby #2=) It is so hard to put into words all the thoughts and emotions that have been flooding in for the past 9 months, but particularly the past few weeks. The first thing that comes to mind is gratitude. I have so many friends and have heard so many stories of couples who have trouble getting pregnant, or people who have lost babies to miscarriages and every story I hear breaks my heart. I am SO grateful that Chris and I have not had any trouble getting/staying pregnant and that, overall, my pregnancies have been fairly easy. It is hard to imagine that Caden will be my one and only for less than 2 more weeks. Everyday I find myself wanting to spend even more intentional time with him and just love love love on him as much as possible. That has been a big part of my anxiety is how Caden's world is about to be rocked. but then again, he will never know life without a brother, a best friend and a constant playmate:) Even in writing this post there are so many thoughts bombarding me that if I tried to put it on "paper" it would probably come out as one really long, disconnected post and I will not put you in that type of agony:) I will just leave you with a sweet baby picture of my first baby boy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Code Brown

Yesterday Chris took a day off work so that we could have some intentional family time before baby number 2 comes (2 weeks from today:). We had a great morning, had lunch at panera and after Caden's nap we went to the zoo. It has been so hot lately that we weren't even sure we wanted to go but I am SO grateful we did. Chris and I decided we would just take Caden to the waterpark (which is great!). We got Caden's swimmy diaper, sunscreen and trunks on and the ventured out to explore the Splash Park. No kidding, 25 minutes after we got there the lifeguards blew their whistles and made everyone get out of the water...yep, "code brown." They shut the park down to disinfect but no before we could get some really cute pictures:)


Last weekend we had a cookout with some of our friends from Sunday School. We are the only people that have any kids (not for long though:) and Caden just made himself right at home with the men...they were so great! He "played" cornhole, looked at the ducks and horses and hung out with everyone. I absolutely LOVE our class!!

disclaimor: there were women there...I guess since I havent wanted my picture taken the past 9 months I just forget to take pictures of other women:) next time....

Friday, May 21, 2010

All About Kids!


of course they went straight to the ball pit:)

This Friday our play group took a field trip to All About Kids. We had never been and we will definately be returning! It was so much fun:) Here are a few pics of Caden and some of his bff's, Walker and Elijah:)

feelin the brotherly love!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Do you want to go to the zoo?"

At least once a week I ask Chris if he wants to take the day off. seriously, i do. I love having him home all the time (cheesy I know, but it is true). So this is how our conversation usually goes:

me: do you want to take the day off tomorrow? we can just have a family day and hang out and stuff

Chris: I want to take the day off and do that everyday

me: so are you going to take off?

Chris: no

me: okay

Well, this morning Chris called and said "do you and Caden want to go to the zoo?" Well....yeah! A teacher that was supposed to go on a field trip to the zoo couldn't go so she asked Chris to go and take her place! yay...what a fun suprise:)


Monday night Aunt Liz and Uncle Josh came to stay with us. The cool thing (well there is more than one ) about them is that Liz was my best friend growing up and Josh was Chris's best friend growing up and yep, they got married two summers after us! (Chris and I are very proud to take credit for that!) Caden loves them...and for good reason- they completely spoil him! When they left on Tuesday he did not understand why I wasn't clapping for everything he did because of course Josh and Liz did:) We love yall and miss you!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama Bird!

Okay ladies I know everyone is always looking for great gifts for new mommas and my friend Melissa has got them. All her stuff is not only original and absolutely adorable, but it is practical and really affordable...check out her blog and you'll see what I am talking about....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the Zoo!

I love being a mom and today Caden, Chris and I (along w/my brother and most of Chris's family) went to the zoo:) It was such a perfect day...we had so much fun we didn't even take very many pictures but here are a few cute ones!

My Momma

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world (and if you know her, you know that is a true statement.) I think my mom is a saint, a pillar of strength, courage and commitment. She has shown me what it means to be a Godly wife and mom. Her faith is not just one of words but of actions. She is my best friend and the person I most want to be like when I grow up. My mom is the reason that I grew up wanting to be a mom. Now that I am a mom I cannot describe to you the joy I have watching her be a "gammy." I would give anything for Caden to feel about me the way I feel about my mom. I always say if I am half the mom to my children that she is to me I will have done an incredible job! I hope yall are as blessed as I am to have a mom as great as mine.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Worn Out

It has been a "trying" 24 hours not only at the Gaither house but also in my immediate families house...I know, when it rains, it pours. (and really nothing is that bad I just tend to be a little dramatic sometimes:) Well because of a long night last night Chris (seriously, thank God for an amazing husband!) took the morning off. While mommy was in bed Caden had daddy ALL to himself aka. Cadens version of Heaven. They played and played and played and about an hour after Chris went to work my sweet baby looked like this: (and no it was not staged in any way, I promise!)

Asphalt Anyone?

Those were Caden's thoughts last night as he face planted on the asphalt:( The skinned knees and scraped legs are all part of being a boy at summer time, I get that, but to see your babies mouth all puffed up and bleeding just makes you want to cry with him (which I did). And I also took some pics (it had to be documented!)

Monday, May 3, 2010


From the moment my baby boys sweet chubby feet hit the floor in the morning he stands at the door and screams "ooowwwtttt." We spend the majority of our time outside and here are just a couple of reasons why:

these pictures are a result of Cadens "exploring" and yes, that is him running away in the top picture:)