Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 Month!

I cannot believe my baby is one month! I just wanted to post some pictures we took:) and tell this quick story. Caden and I always try to go to Chris's basketball games but last Saturday night they played an hour and a half away so, needless to say, we did not go. Caden had been pretty upset off and on for a couple of hours and I was running out of things to try. So, we went in a room and I turned the radio on to listen the basketball game...I kid you not, Caden fell asleep almost instantly--is it possible that he has already been in a gym too much at only a month old? I think there is a big part of him that is a daddy's boy...even though he already knows there's no one like his mommy:)
ps. I know the pictures look professional, but they were all taken by Chris:) So next time you need any pictures made think of him!

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