Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is just going to be a quick post, but I am posting a fun one later about my awesome friends and what a great weekend we had:) I did go to the doctor today and he is still breech. (It is so cute though, he is all curled up in a little ball in the bottom right side of my belly:) Anyway, Chris and I have battled with what to do about having a version (I have posted about it before and this is the procedure where two doctors will basically just push around on my belly and try to turn him over) or not, etc. He is weighing in at about 6 pounds 9 ounces right he is a good size to do it and because I am so tall there is a lot of room for the doctors to use to try and flip him around so...we are going for it. It is scheduled for 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. If it becomes too painful for me, they will stop. It does not harm the baby at all and both he and I will be monitored at all times. If something did go wrong they could just get him out because I am far enough along and the procedure will be done in the hospital. Everything I have heard about it is awful and scary and I almost had a panic attack in the doctors office just thinking about it, but I am at peace about trying it. Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow afternoon! I am sure everything will go fine and hopefully I will be able to report back that baby Caden is head down and ready to go but if not he will still be coming on the 29th. I just do not think I could have gone into a c-section knowing that I hadn't tried everything that I could to get him to move around, but if he is anything like his mom he will be stubborn and just stay curled up in his little corner, but hey that's okay too:)

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