Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cell Phone Fiasco

Last night I dropped my phone down the stairs and it is now not working so Caden and I had to venture out in the cold to go to the AT&T store to see if we can get some help. I get Caden all bundled up and we go to the store. I just grab Caden out of his carseat and carry him in. I walk up to the counter, baby in hand- diaper bag on my shoulder and begin to explain my plight to the poor service man. "I dropped my's not working...I am going out of town this weekend and leaving my baby...i HAVE to have a phone so I can be reached..." They say they will override my account so I can go ahead and get a new phone today! yay! That was easy...or so I thought...all they need to see is my drivers liscence. shoot. I left it in the car; no big deal Caden and I truck back out to the car to retrieve my liscence- its pretty cold outside so I just grab my purse and head right back in. Inside I put the diaper bag and purse on the counter and proceed to get out my liscence (with Caden in my arms.) of course my liscence is not in my purse so I start tearing apart both the purse and the diaper bag with my one free hand all to liscence. so we get back in the car and come home. i dont even want to know what the workers were i am in my sweats with a baby, my hairs a mess and i have no make up on...the guy at the counter was probably scared of me and I am sure felt sorry for me. I am also pretty certain he was relieved when we walked out the door and he saw us drive away.

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