Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What we have been up to

I cant believe Caden is already over 2 weeks old, and knock on wood, but so far so good. Dont judge me but the pictures are from Caden's first basketball game when he was 10 days old:) My granny and I went to see some family in Boyle County and then went to the game. Since then, he has been to 2 more basketball games and has loved every minute of them. At this point in our life, if we want to see daddy we have to go to the gym...if you have ever had anything to do with basketball you know how much time it takes up and Chris has been leaving the house about 7am and on game nights getting home around 9 or 10 (which is killing him because he misses his boy so much!)
Here are a few little things I have noticed about him just in these first two weeks:
-he looks EXACTLY like his daddy:)
-he loves being held ( i mean what baby doesnt!)
-he doesnt really love his paci but i have caught him sucking his thumb...just his thumb and his fingers will be all up in his face...i know its a bad habit but its just the sweetest thing)
-he smiles a lot (i dont care if the doctor says its just "involuntary muscle movement" he knows what hes doing
-the one thing he did inherit from his mom are his exceptionally long toes:(
-he loves basketball games
-he loves looking outside
-he HATES having his diaper changed, bath time, and being nakes (and will hopefully continue with this trait until much later in life when he is married...if his mom ever lets that happen)
-he stays awake a lot and is really alert
-he never burps, no matter how hard i try to get him to
-his clothes are starting to fit...kind of
-i think he may be scared of the dark
-he likes being talked to/read to
**and my first "this must be motherhood" moment came a few days was 6 at night and Chris i think had just gotten home and i went upstairs to brush my teeth...for the first time that day and thought...yep welcome to motherhood:)
Caden is doing everything just right and we really could not ask for a better this point I am holding my breath and praying this is not the calm before the storm:) His cord still has not fallen out yet but its barely hangin on so we should see a belly button soon! I love being a mom and I really would not mind if he stayed this size forever...hes just so cute and sweet and soft and he just makes the funniest faces:) more to come later for now this is as good as it gets!

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