Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Low Fluid= night at the hospital and possible arrival of Caden

After 10 or so hours of no eating or drinking, my beautiful wife Katie enjoyed Qdoba after we found out that we would be at the hospital all night. Yes, Chris is finally blogging on the Gaither's family blog. We arrived at the hospital at 11:00 this morning in anticipation of the doctors performing a version to flip the baby. After two hours of being on IV and the nurse monitoring Caden's heart the doctor arrived into our room. During the two hours of monitoring they wanted to make sure everything was still good to perform the version; therefore, they sent us to do another ultra-sound. Yesterday's ultra-sound showed everything normal and the doctors gave us a lot of hope in turning Caden while todays ultra-sound leaves us in the hospital all night. To make a long day short, Katie and I are sleeping in the hospital tonight so the doctors can monitor Caden and perform another ultra-sound in the morning. When doing the ultra-sound the doctors found that the fluid around the baby was around 6.8 cm (10 or more is the norm). They are keeping us to monitor everything and will be doing another ultra-sound in the morning. If the fluid level doesn't rise then we MAY POSSIBLY HAVE A BABY TOMORROW!!! To all of you wonderful friends: Everything is great!!! There is nothing to worry about. Katie and I are enjoying some great time together, getting caught up on local and national news, watching some college basketball, and awaiting to be parents of a child that is a GIFT FROM GOD!!! We thank you all for your generosity, prayers, encouragement, love, and friendship through this amazing time. We thank you for the baby shower on Sunday. Katie had a great time and I enjoyed hanging out with the boys. We also want to thank all of Katie's wonderful co-workers at pre-school for the baby shower you had for her today. Although our hospital trip kept us from being there we are very grateful for your thoughts in hosting a shower for her. Thank you for your generosity!!! We hear the gifts are awesome. IN ALL THINGS, MAY OUR MOST GENEROUS AND LOVING FATHER IN HEAVEN RECIEVE THE GLORY!!!

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