Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One of those Mornings:)

I started to entitle this "one of those days" but that sounds so depressing and our day has actually been good:) BUT this morning started out a little on the stressful side. Caden and I were playing in the playroom this morning when I heard what sounded like water running. I looked in the kitchen to see if I left the sink running when uh-oh there was water RUNNING (not seeping or dripping) from under the door of our bathroom. (poor Caden) I grabbed him and took him to his bed so he could play there instead of "help" mommy get the water up before it ruined the carpet. After gathering every single towel in our house to soak up the water I called Chris ( a phone call which I later had to apologize for because you know, at the time, it was his fault that I was home alone with Caden having to deal with all this "man" stuff, and he wasnt dropping everything and rushing home from work to come to the rescue:) Anyway long story short of course everything was fine a plumber came out and fixed whatever it was and I mopped the floors (thanks to my life saving friend Sherri who came over and brought me a mop:) and also stayed and played (probably to keep me from going insane:) After that fiasco (which in the meantime Caden had a dirty diaper that he stuck his hand in) I though Caden and I could use some relaxation so I thought he would enjoy his favorite...a bath! so far so good. I went into our room and grabbed a towel and I come back to see Caden standing up in the bathtub and yep, you guessed it--he had gone to the bathroom (and you know I am not talking about pee-pee) in the tub. At this point all I can do is smile and think "okay God what are you trying to teach me today?!" yep, after scrubbing the downstairs floors and bathroom and the bathtub it was naptime for little man. ya know, it was just one of those mornings that made you wish you were here (although it doesnt take much for me to wish I was beachin' it:):
ps. i fully realize that if this is my idea of "one of those mornings" i am livin' the life

Monday, February 22, 2010

Too cute not to post!

Some pictures of our friends Jacob and Jonathan:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Play Date:)

I entitled this "play date" but it was WAY more for mommy than for Caden:) My friend Melissa and her almost 18 month old Elijah came over this morning to play. What a blessing the boys had fun and you forget how nice it is to have a conversation during the day with someone other than your sweet 13 month old:) Here are some pics of the boys going for a drive...

Caden took the liberty to hop right in with Elijah but he didnt seem to mind too much (then again maybe he was just in a little bit of shock:) fast forward this picture about 16 years....yikes!