Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About a Boy!

The second Chris and I found out we were pregnant there was really no doubt in my mind it was going to be anouther boy. For real. I am not just saying that...every bone in my body thought it was going to be a boy. And last week; the doctor confirmed it...Gaither boy #3 is on his way! Chris wasn't so sure it was going to be a boy (and if we are being totally honest was hoping for a girl) his exact response was "I am happy it is a boy but sad it is not a girl." Fair enough. All I know is that we are counting our blessings. My heart breaks over and over again for our friends that struggle with infertility. When I found out we were pregnant "again" I almost felt bad telling people for the simple fact that is has been a HUGE blessing we have not experienced problems conceiving or throughout my pregnancies. So am I a little freaked out about having THREE kids? yep. Am I wondering how I will thrive (or just survive) having 3 that are 3 and under? No doubt! But I trust that God has some crazy awesome plans for all these boys in this family. Don't you think he will fit right in with "the boys?!"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sometimes faith doesn't make sense...but Jesus does.

I haven't blogged in for.ev.er. I thought I was just going to quit all together since it's been so long; and I am so busy living life...I figured if something super "blog worthy" happens then I can pick back up again. And although there have been many incredible things happening since the last time I blogged (Christmas, Caden turned 3, we are pregnant with baby BOY #3, Chris is almost halfway through his first season as Collins head basketball coach, and seriously so much more) BUT nothing has even come close to what I am about to share (well maybe the BOY #3:) My hands are shaking even as I type because I cannot believe what I am about to share. (please refer to this post before continuing on). The last post is about praying for my dad. And you have been. We have been. constantly. for 7 years. Through everything my parents faith has been unwavering and no matter their circumstances they have chosen to say, through joy and anger and tears, "Blessed be Your name." I heard a message last week about James 1 and there is a quote from the pastor that really stuck with me "Faith does not always make sense, But Jesus does." That might make no sense to you and I am not totally sure about it either but that is what the Lord has chosen to stick with me for the past few weeks.

On Sunday I get a phone call from my dad. I didn't answer and immediately get a text from him that says "Call me ASAP." If you know my dad, you know that doesn't mean anything. It usually means he just wants to check on me and see how we are doing. Not this time. This time he answered with a different tone. The kind of tone that I have not heard in 7 years. "Katie, you are not going to believe what we are getting ready to go do....we are getting ready to go bowling!" Bowling?! The thought of my dad even being able to pick up and hold a bowling ball blew my mind, much less actually do the motions that are required. "Dad, how are you going to bowl?" and then he said it...."My back does not hurt at all." I cannot even believe that I wrote those words. But at the same time it just makes sense to believe. I, along with countless other people, have been praying and fasting and begging and believing for physical healing for my dad. So why would I be surprised that the Lord chose to bring that belief to reality on an ordinary Saturday. So, as of Saturday my dad has been pain free. Did you hear me...PAIN FREE!!!! I will not allow Satan to have a foothold and plant doubt in my mind. I will not share that I feel the need to text someone in my family every 5 minutes to see "if dad's still okay." or I am afraid that as soon as this blog "goes live" he will start hurting again. No, I will not. I will shout it from the rooftops and I will give Jesus, who is the ultimate Healer the praise he deserve. I believe. And I will continue to believe. and I will continue to say Blessed be your Name!

Sometimes faith doesn't make sense...but Jesus does.