Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Really Caden?!

Today Caden and I took a risk...I took him to work. I am blessed to not have to work full-time and really I don't have to work at all but right now I am babysitting and today I was helping out at Slugger Kids ( a children's consignment store I worked at regularly before Caden came along:) Well, the day was going great he was taking a nap in his little travel bed I brought with me and it was awesome...then he woke up. I got him up and yes, he was big deal this happens all the time and I just knew this morning when I put those LUVS diapers on his I was asking for it (we have had terrible luck with those). Luckily, there are hundreds of cute clothes here so we just went "shopping" for another outfit;) After he ate lunch he was starting to stink up the store so I just put little man on my lap, undo his diaper and begin changing him...a little to early. Caden was not doing the deed so as I began changing him here comes the rest:) Okay still no big deal then it happens...the icing on the cake- he begins to pee. There he is in all his glory laying on my lap so now my pants are wet his clothes are wet and yes he managed to get pee on his hair! Before you call to report me to CPS I did wipe him off very well, we went shopping for another outfit and he will be getting a MAJOR bath when we get home:) I have no doubt there will never be a dull moment with a boy in the house!

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