Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Vacancy

So I confess, I just need to vent. Chris, Caden and I went to St. Louis this weekend to visit friends. On the way up we stopped to have dinner at McDonalds ( I really do not like McDonalds but our choices were limited:) So Chris was finished eating and was going to go ahead and change Caden's diaper so we could get on the road. I load him down with the diaper, wipes changing mat (you know I am not letting my baby lay on the changing table in McDonalds;). Well about 2 seconds later Chris and Caden emerge from the restroom looking defeated. There was no changing table in the mens restroom, I then go in the women's and of course there is a changing table in there. Something is wrong with this picture?!?! What about single dads? What about daddy's who are just trying to help with their baby?!?! Maybe it's just me but I found this situation a little discriminatory!

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