Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My mom had a BIG birthday yesterday...she turned 5-0!  SO (and I realize this is just for her:) here are FIFTY reasons why she is awesome.  And I had to narrow it down.
First a pic of what me and the boys made her for the big day (thankfully they cant read; and for someone reason with two pairs of extra hands helping me, we only ended up with 48 suckers:)

  1. She loves Jesus.  So much.  And everyone that knows her, knows this.
  2. She is the best wife.  ever.
  3. She loves my boys.
  4. She gives great advice when I want it; and doesn't when I don't (most of the time:)
  5. She is funny; in a totally nerdy kinda way.
  6. I don't think she has ever said "no they can't come over."  This means in highschool when I would have half of the school over every night and now when we bring the basketball team with us.  Her door has always been open.
  7. She makes the best m & m cookies.
  8. When I was in college she sent the most awesome packages to me.  My friends would get SO excited when my name was on the package board.
  9. She's beautiful on the outside.
  10. I am pretty sure she has never missed a softball game, volleyball game, basketball game, play, cheerleading competition, etc. ever.
  11. She likes black coffee.
  12. With all my family has been through; she has been our constant.
  13. Everyone that has ever met her loves her.  seriously its true.
  14. She was in the room with me when Caden was born and the first to see Corey and Charlie after their births.
  15. All the nights she took care of Caden when he was a newborn and I couldn't.
  16. All the times she sat in the NICU with Corey and me.
  17. She is the best cook of anything.
  18. She has a calming presence.
  19. She is an incredible writer
  20. She is the most selfless person I know
  21. She loves Chris like he is her son.
  22. She gives of everything...time, money, resources, clothes, anything and everything
  23. She is a great daughter
  24. She is awesome at figuring out how to be a mimi, mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend. and teacher. and mother in law.
  25. She is encouraging.
  26. She love, love, loves my dad.
  27. She can laugh at herself
  28. You can call her anytime.  for anything.
  29. Her fashion/decorating sense has come a looonng way.
  30. She lives close to me.
  31. She has somehow perfected the transition from mom, to mentor, to best friend; but can also be all 3 to me at the same time.
  32. She never complains about the fact that they only have one car and she is at the total mercy of my dad to get to and from places:)
  33. She is a GREAT friend.
  34. She loves the beach.
  35. She always finds the positive in everything and every body (Which drives me crazy:)
  36. Now that I am a mom; I have SO much for awe and respect for how she raised us.
  37. She can sing.  Great.
  38. She let me go to the high school I really wanted to even though it was a big sacrifice.
  39. She watched me screw up a lot (still does) and loves me through it.
  40. She listens well.
  41. and without judgement.
  42. She is an excellent teacher/speaker
  43. She knows when I am losing it; and intervenes without me having to ask/tell her
  44. She texts:)
  45. She likes to house hunt and has passed this hobby on to me:)
  46. She knows how to make everyone feel special
  47. She can function on very little sleep.
  48. She has a great smile.
  49. She is fun to shop with.
  50. She is actually excited about her 50s!


  1. I. Love. Your. Mom. Happy Birthday Susan!!!!!

  2. Your mom is the best. What a special post. You should type this out and frame it for her... You are blessed!