Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5(ish) months old!

This little piece of deliciousness is 5(ish) months old! 
  • chilled out.  For the most part; you are super chill, go with the flow kinda little baby
  • you LOVE your brothers to play with you and love, love, love to be talked to, snuggled and loved on
  • you are overstimulated fairly easily. When this happens; you don't want anyone to touch/hold you; you want to go in your bed with your sound machine on and swaddled up with all the lights off and go to sleep.
  • you are not a morning person:)
  • you are rolling over (both ways) every once in a while
  • starting to reach for toys
Health Update
  • Saw your pediatric cardiologist yesterday.  Still have a tiny hole in your heart; but we just have to go get it checked in a year:)
  • 13 pounds.  27 inches....having some trouble gaining weight so we are going to start trying a few different things with nursing AND you get to try some oatmeal tonight for the first time.
We love, love, love you so much!  Corey, you are such a bright, happy place for our family:)

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