Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Day in the Life

I used to be SUCH a type A personality...I wanted to know not just the when, the where, how much, with who; but how all those details were going to come together.  I make lists for everything.  Mostly just so I can cross things off as they get done:)  I like my home to be in order, my car to be clean, my bills to be paid the second I get them in the mail.  I balance my check book all. the. time.  Am I stressing you out yet?!  Needless to say this flew out the window as we had more babies.  My life quickly got less out of my control and after baby #3 I pretty much went into survival mode.  I hate survival mode.  It's not fair to anyone...especially my boys.  SO I have very slowly been learning how to come out of survival mode and into the land of the living and thriving.  How?  My returning to my roots and making lists:)  (see the pics below).  This has really helped me to not be so overwhelmed and to just be more planned out with the day to day events.  BUT I am super flexible and I do not freak out (anymore) if the things on the list don't get done or if we don't stick to the schedule.  What do you do to help maintain your sanity?


  1. oh girl - you speak my language. I've been in survivor mode most of this pregnancy and it's killing me. Like today, I got a call on a bill that I swore had been paid, but I guess it hasn't. UGGH. Praying I can "get back to my roots" too - SOOON! maybe even before Joshua gets here??? prolly not, but hopefully soon. SOOOOOO good to see you yesterday!

  2. I am an ocd girl. Lists everywhere. I have a white board for my chore list every day. My biggest issue is we are busting at the seams in this little house...specially with all of my crafting stuff.