Monday, October 8, 2012

Peace in the Madness

Okay; so  In a great way; but it is definately a challenge balancing personal spiritual growth/discipline, work, mommy, wife, woman and any other roles that I can play on any given day.  SOOO here are some things I have learned over the past four and a half months that help me to find time for "me" and in the meantime keep me semi-sane:)  *I realize these are totally tailored to my life but I would LOVE to hear some things that help you:)

  • Get in the Word.  Not like sit down for an hour and journal and pray and just be still (although if you can do that everyday than WOOHOO!) but the realistic Jesus meets me where I am, sleep deprived, mom of 3 little ones gettin in the Word.  One way to do this that has really helped me is by having scripture written and taped up throughout my when I am getting ready, or doing dishes or whatever it's there right in front of me.
  • Along those same lines; pray without stopping.  Becoming a mom has amped up my prayer life in SO many ways; I pray about everything.  All the time...that my kids will take good naps, that I will have patience, that I will have discernment in how to train and discipline and teach, that someone will call me just when I need that phone call....and on and on and on.  It has become my total lifeline and really, I couldn't have a better one:)   
  • Drink Coffee:)         
  • Eat Healthy    
  • Try to focus on the blessings bc it is SO easy to focus on the hard.
  • Laugh with your kids                                              
At Least 3x a Week
  •  Sit down to eat lunch or dinner.  Like make a plate.  And sit down.  And eat.
  • Get "ready."  I think one of the easiest traps to fall into is this one.  Just wearing my sweats and t-shirts with my hair up and no make-up.  BUT I try to get "ready" (even if I have no where to go) at least 3-4 times a week; shower. fix hair. put make up on. wear real clothes.
  • Exercise.  This one is new for me.  I have started to run again.  Not because I like it or bc I am still trying to lose baby weight (which, I am times 3) but because it makes me feel better; it gives me more energy and it is "me" time
At Least Once a Month
  •  Go on a date.  With your husband.  Even if it is sitting at the coffee shop or going on a walk or whatever.  Just.go.
  • Go out with your girlfriends. 
At Least once every 6 months-a Year
  •  Read a book.  That is just for fun.
  • Go somewhere over night(S) with you husband.  Or your girlfriends.  Without kids.
The list will continue to grow I am sure but for now; this is enough.  What are some things you have learned to do that help you be a better momma, wife, friend, etc?