Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things I Want to Remember

Things I want to remember about ages 4, 21/2 and 8 months....

We are brothers,
and a close team.
Together we conquer,
together we dream.
Each other's minds,
we regularly read.
When one of us is hurt,
both of us bleed.
Without a thought,
we offer a helping hand.
Next to each other,
proudly we stand.
No matter what,
we'll always be close.
The bond that we share,
everyone knows.
That I really did take everyone grocery shopping

 That you love using your imaginations (below playing in the water park:)  and my boys are.always.(half) naked.

 How cute this little boog is in a hat
...and how much Corey LOVES baths!
 I want to remember that Caden could actually do this when he was still 3
How the bigger boys always take care of, look out for and play with Corey
How Charlie "calls" daddy at least once a day and tells him to "Come home from work and play with me"


  1. LOVE this so much. Your boys are so precious.

  2. Such a sweet post!!!! I agree with Rach, your boys are SO precious!!!