Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Hunting we will Go...or not:)--part 1

This past Saturday our church hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos. It was great! Dying Easter Eggs (which we bypassed), listening to the Easter story and the grand finale of hunting the eggs. Caden did great listening to the story (at least up until the prayer when he was screaming the whole time but I just assumed he was having an intense "come to Jesus moment;)" Then it was time for the big hunt. We were armed with his Easter basket and an anxious little boy that couldn't wait to get outside! The little ones got to go first so all the kids and their mommies and daddies (complete with video cameras attached to their hands) rushed out to the field to fill their baskets with candy filled eggs. Everyone got outside and all the kids ran to the field and started collecting eggs...well amost all the kids. What I failed to mention is that there was a small area set up with some bubbles, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, and yep you guessed it balls. It was an area off to the side and was intended for everyone to play AFTER all the eggs were gone. Caden however saw a ball...and that was it. There was no running to the field with the other kids, no wanting candy, nope he ran straight to the ball and that was it:) He collected 3 eggs. One that was put in his basket before we even got outside, the second that I put in and a third that our friend Jacob gave him.

the kids and their parents in the field. Caden playing with his "ball"

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