Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chris, Katie, Caden and.....

...and that is the big question. Chris and I (a while ago) decided that we were going to name baby boy #2 Colton Lee. Boy names I feel like are SO hard, we had a tough time naming Caden and the same holds true with this baby. On Sunday I looked at Chris and said you know I don't think I want to name the baby Colton anymore and he replied with, "yeah I have been thinking the same thing," and that was that. SOO we are back to square 1 and any suggestions are welcome:)


  1. don't ask me. i agree that boy names are the hardest!! i do think that you may need to change the name of your blog soon :)

  2. you know im just spit balling here but maybe Clay Wilder The second i mean thats just me, its not my baby