Monday, March 22, 2010

15 Months

what?! Did I seriously just have to entitle this post 15 months?!? Thats almost one and a half...I am still in denial that we have exited the baby stage and entered the toddler phase (which I know we have been there a while but denial:) 15 things I don't want to forget about 15 months:

1. you LOVE your daddy

2. puppy goes everywhere with us...EVERYWHERE I am pretty sure you will be taking your puppy with you to sleepovers when you grow up:)

3. you like to watch about ten minute intervals

4. you are a great sleeper (knock on wood)

5. I am starting to worry about your obsession with "balls"

6. you are very happy 95% of the time

7. the other 5% you are probably having a little tantrum:)

8. you love to be around people

9. going outside is your stand at the door with my keys and say "bye-bye" until I say no or until we go outside

10. you have stopped crying when I drop you off at the nursery and at school

11. you really like to eat grilled cheeses

12. you love taking baths...we are working on you loving getting on and getting your pjs on:)

13. you really love animals but mommy always says "animals don't live at mommy and daddys house:)"

14. you have had two haircuts and the second one went much better than the first

15. recently you have learned to touch my belly and say "baby"


  1. These boys are getting so big and handsome. Walker has loved his time playing with Caden on Fridays and Sundays and any other day we can find an excuse to get together. I will also add that Caden is doing so well with his signs. And I will also say that my son has become obsessed with balls to the point of no return as well:).

  2. You are an fabulous young wife and mother!!! I am amazed by you and am overwhelmingly proud of you, and am humbled and honored to be your mom!!!