Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a Small Town Girl...

Just a small town a phrase that I thought would never describe me. BUT after being in Shelbyville for a little over a year now it is finally sinking in. I grew up in Louisville and I am well aware that Shelbyville is "right next to Louisville," but to me I am living in a small town. I am not to the point where I know everybody (although my husband is well on his way) but we have completely immersed ourselves in Shelby County Life (although I go to Louisville everyday to play with my kiddos:)...going to church out here, Chris teaching and coaching out here (which high school sports are a BIG deal!) and trying to plant some roots. I have to admit I love it. I love being 5 minutes away from everything, I love attending all the Shelby County sports (baseball, basketball- freshman, JV and Varsity, football...), I love how nice everyone is, I love Main Street, I love looking at all the antique shops and finding all the "hole in the wall places to eat." I feel like Shelbyville will be a great place to raise a family and settle down. I looked forward to being here for a while and hopefully developing lasting friendships:)

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