Monday, September 28, 2009

Give Me Summer ALL Year Long

I like fall and the weather it brings. I love watching my CATS and COWBOYS play football every weekend, I LOVE that it means college basketball is just on the horizon...I really like fall and everything that comes with BUT I LOVE summer!!! Kentucky's summer has officially succumbed to fall today. Goodbye summer:( I know we will probably have a few more hot days but with everyones post of fall and eating chili and having their windows open--I feel like it is here. I guess I am one of those weird people that LOVE hot weather! I love the sun being hot and shining all day long, I love going on vacation and my husband being off work. I also think that I despise cold weather so much (and I am ALWAYS cold) that the sooner summer leaves the sooner winter comes ( I am shivering even thinking of it.) Goodbye Summer!

1 comment:

  1. katie i love hot weather too! and kentucky's summer always seem to disappoint too; not much of summer here. and i dread how long and cold the winter is-yuck! hope you all are well. we need to try and reschedule a hang out time. let me know if you want to try again in the next week or so.