Saturday, September 12, 2009

Babies Change Everything...right?

I have always been a big believer in "you don't change your lifestyle for the baby, the baby adapts their lifestyle to fit yours." (of course, this was before I had kids). Naive as that may sound it is what I thought. and honestly the past 8 1/2 months that is what has happened...Caden has adapted to this world beautifully. He has been to 17 Shelby County High School basketball games (starting from when he was 10 days old), he has been to Murray, St. Louis, Florida, Nashville, Boyle County and Grayson County. My little man goes to Parents Day Out twice a week (where I work) and babysitting with me 5 days a week--needless to say although our life has changed we are still going going going (probably too much sometimes) lovey has done beautifully! This weekend we were planning on going to St. Louis. My best friends from college and their husbands are getting together to celebrate Charity getting married. This was shower/bachelorette party weekend and the husbands were going to have some "man time" with the babies, that is until my baby Caden woke up with a 101 temperature on Friday morning. I tend to underreact when Caden is sick ( I dont want to be that neurotic mom that makes everyone at the doctors office cringe when they see Gaither ont he caller ID). I figured his first tooth is breaking through and I am SURE that is what it is from...until tylenol didnt touch it and it just kept going up...101.5...102.4...and finally settling on 103.5:( My little man was more lethargic and lovey than he has been since he was about 6 weeks old. I got a little nervous because even when your doctor tells you that you dont need to worry until it hits 106 (106?!?!) i was still a little worried. Anyway to end this really long post (and I am not even sure if it makes any sense) I have to say that part of me thinks Caden's body was trying to tell me something....STOP!!! I need a break I want to sleep in my own bed for all my naps and at night and I want to play with my toys and be lovey and be home. I guess sometimes babies really do know best!

**the picture has nothing to do with the post but pictures make everything more exciting:)

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