Saturday, August 1, 2009

Caught in the act!

This story is so funny that I know this post will not even be able to do it justice in any way but I have to share it. Caden is on a great (knock on wood) schedule for the moment. We put him down at about 8:00 every night sometimes he goes right to sleep, sometimes he talks to himself for a while then goes to sleep and sometimes he feels the need to stand up in his crib and look around the room until he wears himself out and crashes. Most of you know but right now we are living with 7 other people (my mom and dad and 3 younger siblings and then Chris, Caden and I). Everyone has been very great and respectful about letting Caden do his thing and not picking him up and all that...until tonight:) On one side of Caden's room there is a set of double doors that are glass so you just have to peek in as you pass by. Well I was walking up the stairs and noticed that one of the doors was opened a little bit, "I must not have closed it all the way," I thought...but I was so wrong. I went in to close the door and notice there is no baby Caden in the crib and in the left corner of the room (with the lights still off) is my mom holding Caden "hiding" with him and covering his face with her hands. But thats not all...I hear another giggle coming from the opposite corner of the room and it is my 11- year old brother! There excuse? "We walked by and he was standing up in his crib just looking at us like aren't you going to come in and get me?" but I mean can you blame them?

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