Thursday, July 16, 2009

"You are such a mom!"

A couple weeks ago my two younger sisters (15 and 19) were graciously telling me how I look like a mom. I have "mom" hair, I was wearing "mom" shorts, I had the "mom" make-up going on (meaning none:)...all to say that my priorities have somewhat changed since baby Caden came along. I have to admit this conversation did give me somewhat of a complex though. (you have to keep in mind where they are in life, they are 15 and 19) and I am still a big believer in ya know making myself presentable to the public and to my husband and all that. Well yesterday my family went to Holiday World and Caden and I went as well. It turned out to be a great day but the morning was a little rough because it was raining and cold. Caden, Mollie, my mom and I found an ampitheatre to hang out in to wait out the rain. We were in luck because there was about to be a show! woohoo! I dont know how many of you have ever seen an amusement park show but if you have keep it in mind as you continue reading. Before the show began Caden was getting a little restless from being in his stroller and they started playing music about 20 minutes before the show started. I mean this was good "lets have a dance party" type of music. So what else am I going to do but start breakin it down for Caden. (and definately not discreetly.) He LOVES to dance, so I am dancin he's shakin it in his carseat, my mom joins in and Mollie (15) I know just wants to crawl in a hole and die. after about 10 minutes of this people start turning around and looking at us, but do we stop? no way. I start thinking "Gosh, I would never have done this if I was single or really any other time for that matter." And Mollie just looks and me, shakes her head and says "Gosh, you are such a mom." and all I could do was smiling and keep dancing and think how much I love being a mom, especially in that moment!

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  1. You are "such a mom" and that's a HUGE compliment!!! Such an amazing mom! :)