Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby (un) Wise

How did you transition from baby food to table food?
At what age did your baby __________ (fill in the blank)?
Should my baby be doing ____________????
At what age should he be ______________????
Should I give my baby a bath every night?
Am I too much of a germaphobe of a mom?
Should I be more of a germaphobe?
Am I a neurotic mom?

This is what I unleashed from my brain in a matter of about 10 seconds. Sometimes I feel so "baby (un) wise." Like I don't have a clue about some things. It seems as if the older Caden gets the more I am guessing about what to do with him. For now I figure if he is chunky, which he is:) and happy its all good...right?


  1. I feel like the most unwise mom of them all - seriously!!!! Yesterday, Jonathan didn't even like me! He only wanted billy and screamed like a mad man every time I held him. :( Love you!

  2. KATIE!! thanks for finding mine-now i can look at yours too :) yay! congrats on being a mommy. caden is absolutely adorable! how old is he now? and dont worry-i often still feel like a very unwise mommy...everyday is a new learning experience for sure! love and miss you