Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Ugly Truth

I have avoided making this post. Maybe I am in denial, or maybe I don't want to scare new mommies or soon to be new mommies, or maybe I think it will make my ratings plummet for the "mom of the year," but here it is the ugly truth about last week.

One of my dearest friends from college, Tiffany, gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby boy about a month and a half ago. We had been wanting to go visit and I wanted Caden to see his new friend Elijah Bradley. So, here was the plan: Chris, Caden and I were going to go visit our in-laws (and go to our nieces birthday party) on Monday. They live in Leitchfield, which is half way to Murray (where Tiff and her family live). We were going to stay with our in-laws Monday night and Tuesday Chris would go home and Caden and I would continue on to Murray. I should have changed my plans Monday night. Caden slept 3 hours Monday night. But, what did we do? Went on to Murray. Caden and I. By ourselves. If y'all know Caden, he honestly is so happy that if he cries it is almost always out of tiredness or hunger. I mean he just goes with the flow. almost always.

I kid you not, he started crying from the time we got to Tiffany's (at 1 in the afternoon), did not nap at all, slept 2 and a half hours that night, and was just a crank box. I could not believe it. I called Chris at 2 in the morning crying...did I mention we had planned to stay until Saturday?!? Long story short Wednesday at 4 in the afternoon we called it quits packed up and drove the 4 and a half hours home (which he cried for the last 2 and a half of). and of course we got home, he slept like he always does that night and was happy as a lark the next day. It was the most unpleasant 2 days we have had since Caden. There, I said it. There is the Ugly Truth.

The pictures are from before the melt down:)

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