Thursday, March 3, 2011

Look Like Denim. Feel Like Pajamas.


I am a sweatpants kinda girl. Seriously. I can usually be found in sweatpants and t-shirts. When I saw an infomercial for pajama jeans I really started to laugh out loud. Maybe it is because I am tired; but have y'all seen this commercial? Maybe it is the serious "look like denim; but feel like sweatpants" vibe; but I mean really? I am not the kinda girl that can even pull off the "strechy" jeans. Nope. I need the real-life; stiff out of the dryer walk around and do lunges, 100% cotton-made to fit your figure kinda jeans.


  1. katie....i just read some blog post recently on the pajama jean--hilarious!! oh i wish i could remember where it was & how to link you to it--it was so funny these 2 girls trying them on and "modeling" them....they ended the post with "we are returning the pajama jean!" it was too funny! if i find it i'll send you the link : )

  2. Ha! I have never seen these things. Do they come in maternity sizes?:)

  3. that's about as funny as the jean diapers. :-) Hilarious. I agree man, my jeans often see lots of lunges to make em feel okay.