Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby (food) Makin'

The following is my experience with making baby food. DISCLAIMOR: I am a total novice in this department; and do it as simple and easy as possible! This is just me sharing what has worked for us.
How I started: I never thought of making baby food for Caden. If I am being totally honest I only thought that was the kinda thing that hippies did. (right up there with using cloth diapers!....although that is SO not a jab to those who do that; I applaud you--and I am sure you save tons of money:) Anyways; with Charlie being the second child, I went to get him some food out of the pantry and "oops" no food. at.all. awesome. I got a banana and smashed it up and BAM it was easy and he loved it. Then, I called one of my girlfriends who makes her baby food and asked her about; she lent me this book. and that is how I started. (i skipped everything in the book and went straight to the "recipes" in the back.)

Why I kept doing it: It saves a LOT of money. simple as that. When your baby starts eating 2 containers/jars of food 3x a day it doesnt seem like much (it is about $1 for 2 things of baby food) BUT add it up and that is $21.00 a week. I spend $20.00 on fresh produce and it is enough food for over 2 month.

Here is my super-easy-cheapest-quickest way to food:
Step 1: Peel it

Step 2: Cut it

Step 3 & 4: Water it (2 tblspns. of water). Cover it (w/plastic wrap)

Step 5: Cook it. (depending on the food microwave anywhere from 8-12 minutes)

Step 6: Puree it. (I just use my blender)

Step 7: Pour it.

Step 8: Freeze it.

Step 9: Bag it.

There are a TON of variations of adding spices, etc. but we just keep it simple!


  1. Katie this was awesome! You and I must be similar in the fact that I can't be bothered with fancy spices etc...I love how easy these steps are and will definitely be using this method for little Marsh!

  2. Great step-by-step post. So helpful. I will def be referencing this post and calling you over for preparation sessions once Warren starts eating solids. XO.

  3. what a great post. Even though I am past the baby food stage, I was really interested. :-)