Sunday, April 18, 2010

The House that Built Me

"It's just a house." I agree with that statement for the most part, but it is the people that live in that house that make it a home. Recently, Chris and I have been talking about what we want our first house to be least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a basement (finished or not) a fenced in yard--and the wish list goes on. Buying a house is not in the near future for us (which we are totally content with) but it is oh so fun to daydream about. Talking about what we want our house to be like has brought up many memories and conversations about the house I grew up in. Throughout my highschool years the door to our house was like a swinging door...people in and out ALL the time. That house served as a hangout place, movie theatre, restaurant, crash pad for our friends, a safe parents did an incredible job of always having the door open for my friends and I. I cannot count how many times I called them and the conversation usually started out like this "umm mom, is dad there?" (haha just kidding) I would say "my friends have nothing to do and were wondering if they could come over." there response "sure." never "how many people...what are yall going to do, etc" just a yeah, sure. And 9 out of 10 times by the time everyone got to my house there had been pizza ordered and snacks/drinks on the counter. This had such a huge influence on me, that I am determined no matter where we live I want our kids to want to bring their friends over. I want our kids to want to be home and I want our home to be a safe place. It must be the end of pregnancy hormones taking over again but I heard this song last week and then saw the video and I couldn't help but cry. I hope the house that built you was as great as mine.

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