Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FREE stuff

We all love free stuff, and these days at our house "couponing" is starting to become a Sunday staple. I just started cutting coupons and last time I went to the grocery I saved $50 woohoo, and a few days ago saved $8 on Huggies diapers (if you buy diapers you know what an accomplishment that is:) Which brings me to this...which brand of diapers do you use? I can only speak for Huggies (but I know Pampers has a rewards program too) but if you are not participating in the rewards program...YOU NEED TO! We switched from Huggies to store brand diapers/wipes for a while to save money, but between coupons and rewards we have found that it is worth it to stay loyal to the name brand (in this case anyway). I have only been collecting rewards codes for about a month but already have enough to get some free things from Huggies (ex. an entire bag of swimmie diapers!). The codes are found in wipes/diapers. Also, I recently found this awesome website that has free deals everyday and she has a TON of Huggies/Pampers codes that you can use to help you add to your total points.

What are some things yall are finding to help save a buck or two?!


  1. We cloth diaper. I've only spent maybe $100 on paper diapers (for when we go out of town for long periods or something) and I've saved a fortune. I highly recommend it!!

  2. you go girl. I need a tutorial. I heard about a book I want to get "Miserly Mom." It talks about practical ways to save money. I'm praying about ways to do so so I can stay home more... You know that desire of mine. Love you

  3. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! I am already involved in the Pampers program, but I was not aware of the sites with free codes! I went on the sites you recommended and I got 30 for Pampers and started a Huggies acct and got 100 free points!!! Thanks!!!! Now I have to figure out how you saved $50 at the grocery!!!