Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now I Know

I have worked with children ever since I can remember and whether I am babysitting and we draw a picture for their parents or I am their teacher and we do a craft the parental reaction is always the same:

"Oh my goodness, you did this all by yourself?! I cannot believe you made this! I LOVE it!!"

I'll admit I used to think the parents were just putting on a great show to make their little one feel special, but boy was I wrong. Most of you know I work part time at a Parents Day Out program. Tuesday and Thursday mornings me and Caden load up and go to "school." He is not in my room (only a few doors down, of course and I think I only check on him 5 times a day:). Today when I went to pick him up I was greeted with my first Mother's Day present from him. (really, I am starting to tear up right now). It is the most beautiful flower pot I have EVER seen and yes, you guessed it, it is proudly being displayed on my desk. Now I know those parents werent putting on a show, nope- all genuine 100% emotions:) Who knew?

edit: here is a picture of the flower pot and the beautiful flowers I got on mothers day--along with a DVD of all the pictures of Caden and our family complete with music and everything:)

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