Sunday, January 9, 2011

...and then they do something like that.

I am way behind on blogging (just one of the many things that "go" when you have another baby;) To say this week has been a week of transitions for Caden woul dbe an understatement. Monday, he threw his paci's away. I knew it was coming. He just turned 2 so I figured we would get rid of them soon. He woke up from his nap one day and I said, "Caden, do you want to throw your paci away?" and he said "uh-huh." And really, that was the end of that. Easy enough. Thursday he decided to he was completely done sleeping in his crib (this is for another post). I wish I could say that transition has been as easy as the paci's. i. am. tired.

Still, after a somewhat sleepless night we packed up and headed to church this morning. Caden went to his class and Charlie to the nursery. Their rooms are next door to eachother. and when we picked Caden up they had a sweet story to tell.

Charlie was hungry and got pretty upset (keep in mind Char rarely cries.) Apparently Caden could hear him crying for mhis classroom. So; he went to the door and started saying "Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!" until his teachers took him next door so that he could check on him and tell him that "its okay char." melt. my. heart.

They make me tired. Sometimes frustrated. and then they do something like that. and you forget about everything else.


  1. THat melts MY heart :)
    Nothing beats a bond between brothers!

  2. that is so cute. what a spcial bond brothers have. I love love love your boys!

  3. What a sweet big brother. Love this post!

  4. SOOO true!!! That is precious! They will always be taking care of each other! I bet Charlie felt better too!