Wednesday, January 12, 2011

27 years ago today...

my best friend was born:) In honor of his birthday here are ten things you may not know about Chris:
1. He is the youngest of four children (3boys and a girl...the complete opposite of my family:)

2. His perfect day would involve: sleeping in, playing golf, basketball and being with his family.

3. He is the best dad. ever.

4. He was the first person in his hometown to get an athletic scholarship to a D1 school.

5. He was only the second person his family to get a college degree and the first to get his masters!

6. He likes Eminem and also likes to make up his own raps (we even have our own rap names;)

7. He is a really good painter.

8. He likes to watch Criminal Minds.

9. He makes friends everywhere he goes.

10. He is quick to share the Gospel to people he meets



  1. Uh-oh! YOu shouldn't have shared the part about him liking to make up his own raps! We completely expect some free stylin' next Wed night!
    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  2. What are your rap names? Nick and his sister have rap names...Butch & Lazy G