Friday, May 28, 2010

No Words

Two weeks (from yesterday, actually) we will be welcoming baby #2=) It is so hard to put into words all the thoughts and emotions that have been flooding in for the past 9 months, but particularly the past few weeks. The first thing that comes to mind is gratitude. I have so many friends and have heard so many stories of couples who have trouble getting pregnant, or people who have lost babies to miscarriages and every story I hear breaks my heart. I am SO grateful that Chris and I have not had any trouble getting/staying pregnant and that, overall, my pregnancies have been fairly easy. It is hard to imagine that Caden will be my one and only for less than 2 more weeks. Everyday I find myself wanting to spend even more intentional time with him and just love love love on him as much as possible. That has been a big part of my anxiety is how Caden's world is about to be rocked. but then again, he will never know life without a brother, a best friend and a constant playmate:) Even in writing this post there are so many thoughts bombarding me that if I tried to put it on "paper" it would probably come out as one really long, disconnected post and I will not put you in that type of agony:) I will just leave you with a sweet baby picture of my first baby boy!

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  1. oh katie! i so can relate!! as all 3 of mine never no nothing other than their siblings! which truly is ever so sweet and special! i so remember just 2 years ago now right before i was about to have emery-claire and wondering how somewhat sad i felt that reed wasn't my baby anymore. but now 2 years later to watch their sweet little friendship/relationship blossom, and to see them adore one another (being brother sister too) is just precious! thinking of you and your big transition! it's definitely a change from 1-2...but you all will do great! can't wait to see the little guy! we love you all!