Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Man, Oh Man!

This week is FULL of emotion for me. I am so excited for Christmas, but it is bittersweet because my sweet boy is turning (gulp) one! People say it happens fast, but good grief not this fast, it cannot possibly be almost a year ago that Caden came into this world and changed our lives forever. I get a little sad thinking about putting him to bed on Christmas Eve knowing that the next time I see him he will be a whole year old. People say "oh, well you have another one coming" but not another Caden. Maybe, just maybe I will have to keep him up late the night before his birthday and and spend a few extra sweet minutes just loving on him before he turns one! Here is a picture from his birth day.


  1. i echo that!! i want to feeze mary etta....every month she turns a month older i want to yell STOP---we've already hit 5 months now, and it does go too fast for sure! i definitely feel they fly more faster with each additional baby b/c you are doing so much for multiple little people. you certaninly don't get to soak it in like you do the first time for sure! so you think caden went by fast, just wait til baby #2 arrives, you blink and they are 1! hope you all have a great birthday celebration and merry christmas!

  2. Such a sweet post, made me teary eyed too... they do grow fast, huh? My BABY is almost 3. 3. It's hard to swallow...