Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Proud...or concerned?

Okay so Caden does not know where his nose is, he is not walking yet and all he can say is "mamma" and "bye bye" well today at Target he was being such a good boy that I just had to buy him a basketball. Now, he has LOTS of basketballs little ones, medium sized ones, stuffed ones, etc., but I bought him a real NBA style ball...and he LOVES it. He played with it for an hour today. He used it to stand up with then would crouch down and pick it up and throw it. Should I be concerned that my sweey baby cant sing his ABCs or tell me what sound a dog makes, or should I be proud that he can dribble before he can walk? (not only that but what does the fact that I am even posting this say about our families priorites?!)


  1. Katie--he's a boy, and he's not even 1--no! He is fine! It took Reed forever to id body parts and even use a huge reporitoire of words--of course EC has done 10xs more than he ever did at this age (but that is the boy/girl difference for sure!)

  2. Funny! He's right on track... he's a boy, so you know, priorities are a bit different than ours!

  3. Okay, I agree with the above comments that he's a boy, but don't overlook the one MAJOR contributor.... He is Chris Gaither's son!!!!!!!!!! Of course he's going to dribble before he can walk! :)