Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Like to Move it Move it!

The title has a two-fold meaning:) The first being, we have been moving for the past two weeks (which explains the lapse in posts) but I can finally say we are settled into our new home (at least for a while anyway. The second meaning is MUCH more exciting:) My little bambino baby is crawling...thats right he is CRAWLING. Out of pure selfishness I was hoping that little baby Caden would wait until AFTER we got back from the beach to start really moving so that we could sit him under the umbrella on the beach with mounds of blankets and him sitting there playing with his toys while our sweet little family enjoys our vacation bliss...that is now a fleeting thought:) But I have to admit its SO cute he gets up on his all fours starts rocking back and forth and off he goes. I mean he is not moving super fast and its anything but graceful (to those of you who know me that will not come as a shock) but the bottom line is he is going wherever he wants to go! Pictures will be coming soon and trust me you will find him even more hard to resist! The one on the left is after a morning or crawling...he needed some downtime;)


  1. he's crawling, and i still haven't seen him yet!! so seriously, when can we come? even if it's just for a weekend...i need to see you! and your baby! love you!

  2. Aawwhhh!!! Caden is too cute! And getting bigger and bigger!!! :)