Monday, February 7, 2011

Lessoned Learned

i am such a mom-in-training. i am constantly calling friends/reading blogs/asking my mom for advice/help...I think having GREAT friends and an awesome family of support is crucial; and, at some times; may be the only thing keeping me sane:)

Here are a few lessons I have learned with having two kids:

1. What works/worked for #1 may or may not work for #2.
2. Ask lots of people for lots of advice.
3. Take the advice to heart but figure out what is the best for you and yours.
4. Unless it is a matter or life/death (or you are out of diapers) avoid taking more than one baby shopping.
5. When you have to; park RIGHT by a cart holder (even if it is far away from the actual store.)
6. Don't let/make baby #1 grow up too fast just because baby #2 came along.
7. It is okay to cry/laugh/vent when you are just simply overwhelmed
8. You are tired.
9. One of my favorite things about having baby #1 was watching my husband become a dad; one of my favorite things about having baby #2 is watching baby #1 become a big brother.
10. Being laid back and easy-going goes a looooooonnnnngggg way.

having my boys has brought an unspeakable/unimaginable amount of joy to my life. My kids have made me a better person; and I just want them to have a mommy they are proud of!

*share some lessons you have learned/are learning!


  1. true, true, true! well said katie : ) we all learn so much through our kids indeed! though sometimes i do venture out with more than 1--3 at that....though i have to specific and precise plans of where we are going, & it is all well thought/planned out to do so---viewing it as an adventure & being ready to deal with whatever comes along (you definitely can't expect to do it quickly or in a rush without issues along the way for sure!) though i will admit any day I'd much RATHER do my errands by myself--so i can be much more productive : )

  2. You made me cry Katie! And I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt, that your boys will be SO proud of the mommy they have! You are AWESOME!!!!
    Great post!
    Love you!

  3. Such great advice - I love this post:).