Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I haven't Blogged in almost 3 Weeks...

1. It is freezing. I hate cold weather...I know this reason may not make sense to some of you; but being cold makes me not want to do anything.

2. I have two boys.

3. Under the age of 2 (yesterday I changed 5 dirty diapers before noon;)

4. We just bought a house!! So I have been cleaning, unpacking, painting, hanging things, cleaning, etc

5. I seriously doubt people are constantly checking/refreshing my blog page to see what I write about next:)

6. This is a busy season for work (great busy, just busy!)

7. My camera has been dead since Thanksgiving and what is a blog post without pictures?!

8. We have been doing fun things like going to play dates

9. laundry.

10. I am tired;) (see reasons 1-9)

So I will leave you with pics of my two favorite reasons I have not blogged lately...


  1. You know I check your blog!! I hear you about not wanting to do anything when it's cold. I just want to curl up by the fire.

  2. I do check your blog sister! I love seeing what's going on... but I hear ya about the busyness of 2 boys and the cold... love ya and miss ya

  3. I also check your blog quite frequently :)
    I hate the cold too! Just know you can take the 30 second trip to 403 and hang out once cabin fever hits (or before then!).