Thursday, July 22, 2010

6 weeks!

I had my post-partum check up today--everything was great! Sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office I couldnt help but think about how different I feel with Charlie at 6 weeks than I did with Caden. As I have posted about previously I had a HUGE battle with post-partum depression with Caden and honestly do not really remember the first 8 weeks of his life. With Charlie it has been SO different...with a lot of help, a lot of prayer (and a little "just in case" medication) I have not had the same struggles this time:0 (of course there have been some "bad days" but nothing to the extent of last time). Enough about me, let me tell you about my sweet little Charlie.

People say that each kid is so different and even at such a young age my boys are proving te validity to that statement. Here are some things that make Charlie completely unique:

-he loves to be swaddled up nice and tight (caden hated to be swaddled from day 1)

-Charlie does not like is paci...yet

-he hardly ever cries. seriously.

-Charlie is nursing like a champ (caden was on formula only from the time he was 2 weeks old)

-he is sleeping great (about 4-41/2 hours at night...woohoo!)

it still amazes me how fast they grow! here is a sweet picture I snapped of my baby Charlie tonight...

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