Monday, February 8, 2010

Play Date:)

I entitled this "play date" but it was WAY more for mommy than for Caden:) My friend Melissa and her almost 18 month old Elijah came over this morning to play. What a blessing the boys had fun and you forget how nice it is to have a conversation during the day with someone other than your sweet 13 month old:) Here are some pics of the boys going for a drive...

Caden took the liberty to hop right in with Elijah but he didnt seem to mind too much (then again maybe he was just in a little bit of shock:) fast forward this picture about 16 years....yikes!

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  1. How sweet! :) Both Eli and Caden are so big! I haven't seen either in so long! It's amazing how fast they grow! And I cannot believe they are 18 and 13 months alraedy! Nor can I believe my Bubby is almost 4 months!!!