Saturday, October 17, 2009

were playin' BASKETBALL:)

To say basketball is a big part of our family would be an understatement. I have always (thanks to my grandparents) been an AVID UK fan, Chris has played basketball all of his life and played through college, and he now coaches the Shelby County Rockets High School Basketball team:) We LOVE basketball. Although at times it is a little tough...between freshman, JV and Varsity games Chris will have six games every week until mid-March-which makes for some early mornings and some late late nights, but we really would not change a thing. It is such a blessing to have a husband that does something he LOVES and we are able to attend a LOT of the games:)

That said, Caden has a few basketball goals already as well as countless basketballs. and I kid you not, he can shoot:) (well maybe not shoot but he can def. get the ball in the basket!) Maybe he has a future in the game?!?!

**the top picture is at a SCHS football game and represents all the "mommy and me" time Caden will be getting over the next 6 months:)

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